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Being a member of the PICPA (Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants) for more than three decades now, I must say I’m privileged to adhere to the highest ideals of professionalism and commitment to service and upholds the values of: professional excellence, integrity, commitment, partnership and teamwork, advocacy for discipline, new technologies and innovations and social responsibility, which are the very core values of the Institute.

With its 72nd Annual National Convention theme: Service, Honesty, Innovation and Nation-building through Education (S.H.I.N.E.), I’ve learned from the session covering significant changes to the Corporate Governance Code issued by the S.E.C. (Securities and Exchange Commission) that highlights the opportunities and challenges faced by affected businesses.

I was blessed and encouraged to hear from Mr. Julius C. Ordonez, the President of Benchmark Consulting, Inc. about the 5 Musts to Transforming People Inside out, that he shared during the PICPA convention.

Must #1 – Increase your self-awareness

There is no improvement at all if you are not aware about yourself: your strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, challenges, passion, style of leadership, motivations and tendencies.

Know how to raise your awareness about yourself.

  1. Self – reflection
  2. Mindfulness – what is happening to me? Am I angry? What do I want? You may receive feedback from other people, someone to help you process your thoughts.
  3. Blind spots – things in yourself that you are not usually aware of, but you need to know and change. This is very crucial, you need know from other people who will tell you the truth. Will you go to your enemies? You can go to someone who can challenge you with questions, someone who will widen your horizon.

Must # 2 – Set compelling goals

Goals that set you to forward motion, that prevents you from stopping. Something that motivates you and challenges you. You should ask why goals are stagnant?

How to make compelling goals? Ask yourself…

  1. What is the BEST THING that can happen if I achieve this goal?

Example of goal: I want to lose 40 pounds weight in 60 days. BEST THING that could happen IF I LOSE 40 POUNDS WEIGHT:

  • Save money from eating unnecessary foods not good for my body
  • I can now use my old pretty clothes, save money for buying new ones
  • Becomes sexy and more confident to talk and face people
  • My husband will not look for another sexy person, and he will not leave me, instead would love me all the more.
  • Save my family from chaos of broken marriage.
  1. What is the WORST THING that can happen if I don’t achieve this goal?

If I don’t achieve lost weight of 40 pounds in 60 days:

  • I will spend more money eating the wrong foods
  • I will become bigger and bigger
  • Need to buy more clothes to fit my size
  • I will look like a PIG.
  • I will have broken marriag
  • My husband will find another person, sexier than me
  • I will get sick
  • I will die early.

Must # 3 – Learn

Look for the learning experience out of every TASK or EXPERIENCE that you go through. What is this TASK teaching me… reflect… discipline. How did this project made me a better person? Find the redemptive value that contribute to your value and development, competencies and new knowledge.

Example: People bullying me regarding the project that was entrusted to me, that resulted in the low sales for the company.

Ask yourself…

  1. What is this task or experience teaching me?
  2. What am I learning?
  3. How can I become a better person as a result of this experience?
  4. What skills are being enhanced in me?

Must # 4 – Create your support group

Spend more time with people who are more successful than you are. Be in a mentoring group of people who have grown, learned and prospered in the industry you are in.

Must # 5 – Design your learning roadmap

  1. Deliberate
  2. Intentional

FRAMEWORK – Major source of learning – 70-20-10 Formula

70% – Experienced-based (example: hosting in the Christmas Celebration)

20% – Relationship-based (example: learning from others and with others; professional

/community organization that you can be a member of)

10% – Education-based – Books, Convention, Seminars.

Doing these 5 Musts will lead you to a transformed life, transforming people inside out, with your family, with your co-workers, clients and mentors.

SHINE and be a blessing to where God has send you to be.

You were made to thrive!

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